Canary All-in-One Sicherheitssystem, CAN100UKBK, UK-Version Angebote

Canary All-in-One Sicherheitssystem, CAN100UKBK, UK-Version

Canary All-in-One Sicherheitssystem, CAN100UKBK, UK-Version


  • Canary All-in-One Home Security Device UK

Description : Secure your house without any hassle with the Canary All-in-One home security device. With 3 modes to help you monitor and protect your home using the Canary app it’s easy to use – even when you are not there. You shouldn’t have to worry about your home while out at work, away for the weekend or on holiday. The 3 modes consist of AWAY, HOME and NIGHT. – In AWAY mode the Canary monitors your home for any activity and sends you a notification with a video when it detects movement. – In HOME mode the Canary sends you notifications when it detects activity, records the activity with no notification or simply deactivates completely. – Lastly is NIGHT mode where a schedule can be set to monitor any activity inside or outside your home. But it’s not just activity or potential intruders that can be detected, the Canary monitors air quality, temperature and humidity to help you understand how your home may affect your health. The Canary is super easy and quick to install once you have downloade…

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